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Portable Armor Dispatching Cable Reel

Portable Armor Dispatching Cable Reel are designed for rapid, reliable deployment and recovery of medium to long length cables. Tactical or broadcast deployment systems include an easy way to quickly deploy and retrieve cable when necessary. From the battlefield to the football field, our portable cable reels will hold up to the most demanding conditions with a wide range of styles and cable capacities.
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Portable field deployable tactical fber optic cable reel has been optimised for using in harsh environments where mobility and rapid deployment of the cable are very essential. This assembly is specifically designed for field deployable applications. Particularly, it can broadcast the communication for film crews to connect HDTV camera equipments with central broadcasting trucks about events like music concerts and sporting events. This deployable assembly includes a marcaddy drum, breakout modules with ruggedised tails at each end, choice of connectors, tactical cable and a high durability protective conduit IP rated pulling sock.


> Retractable transport handle

> Rapid deployment and re-coiling of cable

> Two durable frame mounted wheels

> Separate connector compartment

> Allows for use of full or partial cable length

> Portable and durable cable reel

> Sturdy frame reduces risk of damage to cables

> Indoor/Outdoor rated jacket


>Live broadcasting transmission

>National defence communication

>Broadcast, A/V, MMilitary, Emergency Services, Mining

>Quick distributing and retrieving of military field communication system

>Emergency repairing and supporting LAN cabling

>Cable deployment of radar, aviation and naval vessel

>Single-soldier distribution, fast cable deployment in various landscapes and from vehicles

Portable Cable Reel Specification:

Portable Cable Reel Specification.png


Appropriate Length for Each Type:

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