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Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies

Our custom-built fiber assemblies are designed to meet the rapidly increasing demand for wireless communication. Suitable for use in wireless applications such as: fiber to the antenna (FTTA), fiber to the cell site (FTTCS), and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We employ a wide range of components that will ensure compatibility with large scale equipment manufacturers.
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This assembly provides a connection between the BBU and the RRU. This can be a direct from the BBU to the RRU, or from a junction box to the RRU. Cables used are rated for the rigorous outdoor conditions of antenna systems. Solutions are available to accomodate the manufacturers of various antenna systems.


> Indoor/Outdoor assemblies designed for both rigorous outdoor conditions and indoor routing.

> Uniboot design allows for reconfigurable polarity

> Excellent performance and durability

> Cable outer jacket UV resistant

> High tensile strength, pressure resistant, retwist resistance, rodent protected

> Custom Fanout Lengths

> 5 or 7 mm Cable outer diameter

> Single Fiber Trunk with 1 to 12 Fibers (2 to 12 Pairs / Channels)

> Connector Polish: UPC, APC


> For use in fiber optic network environments that require indoor/outdoor rated ruggedized materials



> DAS networks in campus, stadium, and other settings


Polarity Reversible Steps:

LC Polarity Reversible Connector - No tool needed

Ruggedized Assemblies  Polarity Reversible Steps.png

Ruggedized Assemblies.png

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