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Fiber Patch Cord

In nearly all fiber optic networks, the optical fiber, passive optical components and active optical devices must be joined using optical interconnection systems. Our connectivity platform provides fundamental component support for these applications as well as standard and custom value added integrated solutions that address the need for higher functionality and modularity. All of our connectivity products described below are in production and are shipping to customers. KINGTON's optical connectors and adapters are precision devices that connect fiber optic cables together. We offer a broad range of industry standard connector products that support a wide range of fiber and fiber cable types.

Fiber PLC Splitter

PLC stands for Planar Lightwave Circuit,PLC splitters are used to distribute or combine optical signals.It is based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability.

Fiber To The Home

Fiber To The Home(FTTH) refers to a broadband telecommunication system based on fiber optic cables and associated optical electronics for delivery of multiple advanced services such as triple play of telephone, broadband internet and television to homes and businesses. This new communication medium will be provided by optical fiber systems to residential communities and commercial developments by partnering with developers and/or constructors.

KINGTON,as a leading manufacturer in Asia and supplier of passive and active equipments in telecommucations,provides a wide range of reliable optical fiber connector,patch cord,pigtail,adapter,attenuator,ODF,PLC splitter,WDM,splice closure,media converter video over fiber, media converter,network products,etc..


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